How to get your garden summer ready

Published: 22 Mar 2022 ・ Read time: 6 mins
With birdsong as our morning alarm and lighter nights well and truly here, now is the perfect time to get your garden summer ready.

Love your lawn

A neat lawn with stripes is the staple of an English summer garden. But if your outdoor space is looking a little dishevelled, the easy way to transform it is by showing a little love to your lawn. In the run-up to summer, sow any poor patches and aerate them to encourage root growth.
Using a wire rake will allow light and water to reach the soil and will help give you that lush green look. Remember to not mow more than 1cm off the height of your grass as cutting it too short will give you a far less healthy-looking lawn.
Karcher pressure washer
For the finishing touches, neatening up the edges with a brushcutter will give you that Wimbledon finish you're looking for.

Tidy up your beds

This is a great time to get on top of weeds in your beds and borders before they get too established and become tricky to remove. Remove any old blooms and weeds and prune up any shrubs. This will help you see where the gaps are and can help you decide which summer garden plants and flowers to choose.
If you're thinking about growing your own vegetables, creating a raised bed is a perfect Bank Holiday job. Come July and August, the fruits of your labour can be used in BBQ sides and salads.

Check your garden equipment

After months of being confined to potentially a damp shed, check your tools are up to the task with some simple maintenance before you get to work. Give your garden tools a good clean with a stiff brush and sharpen any blades that have dulled over the winter months.
Check your lawnmower cable for any wear and tear and clean any old grass from the underneath and around the blade. Get rid of any broken or damaged equipment and make a shopping list of things to replace.
If you're looking to create a summer garden that's simple to maintain, look for tools that make your life easier, like a 4 in 1 cutter featuring everything you need for your summer garden.

Clean patio and decking areas

After the damp, dark days of autumn and winter it's time to get your summer garden ready to welcome al fresco dining again. Dirt, debris, old leaves, and even moss and lichen can give your patio and decking a dull appearance.
Instantly brighten up your outdoor space by giving patios and decking a good sweep, then wash them down with hot soapy water. To do a thorough job in half the time, a pressure washer should be your go-to summer garden piece of equipment.

Add instant colour with pots

Potted summer garden plants are great for adding instant colour as well as helping to encourage wildlife into your garden. Choose planters of different shapes and sizes to add interest and pick plants like lavender to add a heavenly scent.
You can even grow your own herbs in pots. Rosemary, mint, thyme and coriander are relatively easy to grow if you're new to gardening and can make your garden smell delightful – especially on lazy summer evenings spent outdoors.

Spruce up your shed

Spend a weekend having a good declutter. Get rid of any unwanted items and give the inside of your garden shed or summer house a good sweep. Remove the cobwebs and check for any damage to panels or the roof and repair where necessary.
Add extra storage with wall-mounted shelves and built-in cupboards to help keep your tools secure and free from moisture.
Protect your shed with a stain or even transform it with a pop of colour to make a real statement.

Accessories for entertaining

With BBQ season upon us, give your seating and BBQ a good clean. If your outdoor furniture is wooden, take the time to add a protective wood stain to keep it looking its best all summer long.
Clean any cushions – or maybe give them a revamp with a waterproof fabric of choice. Nautical stripes are always on trend for summer, or maybe add a touch of the tropical with a bright floral print.
Complete your summer garden outdoor entertaining space with fairy lights, patio heaters, floor cushions and lanterns.

Get your garden summer ready

Let City Plumbing help you get your garden ready for summer with our new range of outdoor and garden tools. Whether you're a homeowner looking to spruce up your summer garden or you need tools to help totally transform landscapes, we can help.
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