Why Now’s the Time to Go Smart in the Bathroom

Published: 23 Jan 2023 ・ Read time: 5 mins
A smart bathroom can help turn one of the busiest rooms in the home, into the most functional of spaces. As our homes continue to get smarter, there's no reason why our bathrooms can't follow suit. 
Nowhere is this more important for those bathrooms that are high-traffic spaces! When several members share and use one bathroom, getting ready in the morning and evening can be ultra-stressful.
Fortunately, smart technology for bathrooms has never been more accessible. Best of all, it’s also more affordable than you may think as well as cost-effective long term. So, there's never been a better time than now to invest in a smart bathroom device. With the cost of living rising, smart devices can help us save energy, and therefore money, in the home.
Here, the team at City Plumbing looks at the rise of the smart bathroom, highlighting several of our highly sought-after smart products.

What Is a Smart Bathroom?

One of the predicted bathroom trends for 2023 is the use of smart technology. No longer a luxury available for the few, smart bathrooms are becoming more obtainable in all homes. But, what exactly does it mean to have a smart bathroom? 
A smart bathroom is a space that connects several smart devices and enables you to take total control over your entire bathroom experience. One of the ways it does this is by creating a seamless experience as your smart devices work to make the bathroom more customised for everyone using this space. Ultimately, a smart bathroom makes everyday living easier, more hygienic, comfortable, and simply a more enjoyable experience all round.

What Is the Difference Between Smart and Digital?

Smart devices and digital devices are often spoken about as if they're the same - but they do have some noticeable differences. Digital devices offer a selection of convenient controls and usually provide an easy-to-use remote controller. But, the functional controls of digital products can't be tailored to your personalised choices
However, smart devices take these fantastic digital features and go that one step further by combining them with wi-fi connectivity, a dedicated app, and even voice activation. Therefore, smart devices offer you increased control so you can fully personalise your bathroom environment. 
Bathroom Renovation Image City Plumbing

How to Make a Smart Bathroom 

Several fantastic smart devices can be used in our bathrooms, but the most popular include smart showers, smart toilets, and smart lights. All these devices promote an intelligent, sleek, and cleaner environment. This greatly benefits our well-being as well as enhances the overall aesthetic of this room.
  • A Smart Shower

Currently, the most popular smart bathroom gadget is a smart shower. A smart shower has the power to take your showering to the next level. Allowing you to set the perfect temperature, flow rate, and even the duration of your shower, you can do this all before you even step into the shower! 
Smart showers can also save as much as up to 50% water, thus requiring less energy, so can help reduce your bills. With a stylish smart shower, every user can personalise their showering experience at the touch of a button, through the app, or even by voice activating it using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 
The Aqualisa Quartz Classic is the perfect smart shower choice. With the ability to control this remotely this shower boasts a powerful shower performance for all users. It also provides an optional eco mode which can be found on its Smart valve. This helps you create water savings of up to 33%.
Smart Shower Image at City Plumbing
  • A Smart Toilet

Another smart gadget finding increasing popularity in many new bathroom designs is the smart toilet. A smart toilet is an advanced toilet type that has built-in smart technology to help it connect with the user. Though an initial higher outlay, a smart toilet works to lower water consumption, therefore, offering a more energy-efficient toilet choice long term. Smart toilets offer plentiful luxurious features including LED lights and night lights, with some even playing your favourite music! Yet perhaps their biggest benefit is their improved hygiene. With a worldwide pandemic in 2020, bathroom hygiene has become a top priority for most of us. Smart toilets have self-cleaning moving nozzles, changeable water pressure and temperatures, along with warm air dryers.  
The Roca Adena is a superb smart toilet choice. Using rimless technology, it’s a healthier design for all family members, promoting a cleaner and more hygienic solution. And, it actively lowers water consumption, thus helping reduce energy bills. 
Smart Toilet Image at City Plumbing
  • A Smart Bathroom Lighting Choice

Smart lighting has gathered more attention in recent years thanks to its ability to transform the entire atmosphere of the room. With the choice of selecting from a variety of coloured lights each time you use the bathroom, smart bathroom lighting can cater to all moods. From enhancing a calm ambient feel for a spa-like bathroom to energising the room for those younger members using this space, all family members can benefit from smart lighting.  
A smart bathroom light is controllable via a remote control, or smartphone and allows you to customise. You can also turn it on and off at your preference and program it for set times. This makes them the more energy-efficient of choices, as you can switch smart lights off remotely, thus saving money on energy bills. 
The Hib Rhythm is the perfect smart bathroom light choice as it combines lighting and music. A colour-changing led bathroom mood light with a speaker, this can be accessed via Bluetooth or with its remote control. Setting the tone perfectly, this smart device is ideal for personalising every household member's bathroom experience.
Smart Bathroom Lighting at City Plumbing

The Smart Bathroom Is Reshaping Our Lives For the Better

Providing sheer convenience, while creating an improved environment and ultimately helping lower our energy bills, smart bathrooms are the way forward for all homes. 
If you're looking to create a smart bathroom space, take a look at our City Plumbing website. With a fantastic selection of smart products, we can help you create your very own inexpensive smart bathroom. For further guidance on navigating the cost of living, take a look at our sought-after help and advice section

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