Improve Home Airflow With New Extractor Fans

Published: 09 Apr 2024 ・ Read time: 6 mins
Many homeowners regularly struggling with poor indoor air quality often notice a stuffiness around the home. Inadequate airflow indoors can often be seen throughout a home's décor but also in the overall health of some family members. 
From excessive dust accumulation to allergies and respiratory problems, long-term exposure to poor air quality indoors can become problematic. 
One solution for improving airflow and ventilation in and around the home is to install extractor fans. Both the kitchen and bathroom are two key rooms for installing these simple but very effective devices.
At City Plumbing, we have a selection of extractor fans to choose from. Here, we highlight our best-selling extractor fans for both the bathroom and kitchen while showing you how these fans can help enhance the overall air quality in your living space.

How Do Extractor Fans Work?

An extractor fan operates by creating negative pressure within a room, causing air to be drawn towards the fan. The extracted air is then expelled through a duct or vent, allowing fresh air to replace it. This continuous cycle helps maintain proper air circulation and prevents the build-up of pollutants and moisture.
There are various types of extractor fans available on the market, including:
  • Axial Fans: These fans are suitable for general-purpose ventilation and are usually installed in windows or walls.
  • Centrifugal Fans: These fans are more powerful and are ideal for areas with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Inline Fans: These fans are installed in duct systems and are great for spaces where noise reduction is a priority.

Why Install an Extractor Fan in the Kitchen?

Installing a kitchen extractor fan helps to improve air quality in this busy traffic room of the home. The many benefits of a kitchen extractor fan include:
  • Removes smoke and odours: If you find yourself constantly battling smoke and food odours when cooking, an extractor fan can help eliminate these unpleasant smells. This will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.
  • Reduces the risk of kitchen fires: Cooking produces grease and steam, which can create a fire hazard if not properly ventilated. An extractor fan helps by removing these contaminants from the air.
  • Improves air quality: Cooking can release harmful pollutants into the air, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. An extractor fan helps remove these pollutants, leading to better indoor air quality. 
  • Reduces condensation: If you often find condensation forming on your windows and walls after cooking, an extractor fan can help reduce condensation by removing excess moisture from the air.
  • Prevents mould and mildew: Excess moisture in the kitchen can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. An extractor fan helps reduce humidity levels, preventing these harmful substances from forming.

Why Install an Extractor Fan in the Bathroom?

Installing an extractor fan in the bathroom is an essential way to keep the moisture and humidity levels balanced and can be done as a DIY job with the right tools
  • Better ventilation: One of the main benefits of installing an extractor fan in the bathroom is improved ventilation. Our showers are the biggest cause of moisture build-up in the bathroom, but when you have several members of the home using the one shower daily, there's little time for this room to dry out in between.
  • Improved air circulation: Proper ventilation helps to remove excess moisture from the air, preventing mould and mildew growth. By improving air circulation, extractor fans can also help to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and allergens, promoting a healthier living environment. 
  • Removes bad odours: Extractor fans help to eliminate unpleasant odours, making your bathroom a more pleasant space for both members of the home and guests.

The Best Extractor Fans From City Plumbing

At City Plumbing we stock some of the most high-quality extractor fans at fantastic affordable prices, as well as covers, spares and replacement parts. Here are just a few best-sellers from our varied ranges. 
A low-voltage budget fan, the Manrose is an axial fan that is ideal for toilets and bathrooms. 
A chrome fan with a timer, the iflo is a wall/ceiling bathroom extractor fan. 
A continuously running extractor fan, the Greenwood dMEV is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 

How to Choose the Right Extractor Fan

When selecting an extractor fan for your home, consider the following factors:
Size: Choose an extractor fan that is appropriate for the size of your kitchen. A fan that is too small may not effectively remove smoke and odours, while a fan that is too large can be noisy and inefficient. When selecting an extractor fan for your bathroom, it’s essential to consider the size of the room and the level of moisture present. This will help you to choose a fan with the appropriate airflow capacity to effectively ventilate the space.
Type: There are many different types of extractor fans available, but it's important to check that they're suitable for the room you're looking to instal your fan in.
Noise Level: Look for an extractor fan with a low noise level, especially if your kitchen is open to other living areas. A quiet fan will ensure a comfortable cooking environment. Likewise, you may want to consider a quieter running fan in the bathroom to not disturb members of the home during the early or later hours of the day.
Additional Features: Some extractor fans come with additional features such as humidity sensors, timers, and adjustable speed settings, which can enhance their performance and convenience.

Good-Quality Extractor Fans Help Promote a Healthy Living Environment

Overall, extractor fans play a vital role in maintaining good indoor air quality and controlling humidity levels. By choosing the right extractor fan for your space, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant home environment, ensuring everyone in the home remains healthy and happy. 
If you’re looking to newly install or replace your kitchen and bathroom extractors fans, take a look at our City Plumbing website. 

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