Everything You Need To Know About The ADEY MagnaClean Pro3 System Filter

Published: 03 Mar 2022 ・ Read time: 4 mins
The ADEY MagnaClean Professional3 is the most up to date and modern system filter on the market. The Pro3 is the only smart magnetic filter you can buy. It combines ADEY’s incredible Sense® technology with an invaluable phone app that provides up to date information on the filter’s status, recommendations to help maintain the system health and sends alerts to inform of incoming maintenance needs. The Pro3 is designed to predict problems that can be treated before they cause a full breakdown, prevent further issues through the use of a powerful magnetic filter to remove sludge and protect the long term health of the central heating system.
The MagnaClean Sense technology provides performance system protection, which in turn can help the boiler to work at peak performance. Sense also predicts system problems before they happen, allowing for preventative maintenance before it’s needed
Adey MagnaClean Professional3

The Application

What really sets the MagnaClean Pro3 apart from other filters on the market is the revolutionary application. The app provides a number of benefits for both homeowners and installers. The ADEY ProClub app provides a number of features that help ensure long lasting high performance from the central heating system.
  • Track installed filters - As an installer you can keep an eye on the status of each filter you have installed. The app also provides you with the ability to search for specific customers.
  • Alerts when maintenance is required - The ADEY Pro3 provides alerts to make you aware of any potential problems within the system. This allows essential maintenance to be carried out long before it causes further problems to the system, enabling installers to plan their time better with scheduled maintenance rather than regular urgent boiler breakdowns.
  • Automatic warranty registration - When a filter has been registered on the app, the product warranty is also automatically registered with ADEY.
  • Access customer details directly from the app - No need to keep a long list of contact details anymore, you can easily find their phone number and email address straight through the app.
  • Magnetite level and battery life updates - Keep an eye on the status of the filter to allow a more proactive response to any potential problems.
  • Indicates service dates - Quick and easy reference to see when an upcoming service is required allowing you to plan for the future.

Installer Benefits

There are a number of benefits the Pro3 brings that directly help installers beyond simply providing a trusted product. The Pro3 also helps build relationships with customers and bring in repeat business.
  • Contains the same award winning filter qualities - the ADEY Pro2 is one of the best filters on the market and the Pro3 contains the same award winning qualities providing a product you can happily recommend.
  • Gives you the power to predict heating system breakdowns - Thanks to the up to date information provided through the ProClub app you can set up maintenance appointments earlier, as well as fix potential issues before it’s too late, improving trust between customer and installer.
  • Encourages the homeowner to remain with existing installers - Thanks to the proactive relationship that is built as a result of the filter, homeowners are encouraged to remain with existing installers. The information the Pro3 provides gives you further knowledge over a specific system and as such are likely to find and fix faults quickly and easily.
  • Provides independent validation of issue - The application provides its own alerts on potential issues, ensuring the installer knows an issue exists even before they’ve had a look, but also provides customers with peace of mind that the problem is genuine.

Homeowner Benefits

Not just installers, but the Pro3 provides great benefits for homeowners as well, making their life easier and providing improved trust in their central heating system.
  • Cost saving - Homeowners can save up to 7% on annual heating bills. The filter ensures heating systems are running efficiently and are less likely to break down, helping homeowners to budget better.
  • Reassurance - The ADEY Pro3 maintains the system, keeping it clean and working as efficiently as possible. This provides the homeowner with greater reassurance that it won’t break down.
  • Time saving - The installer can proactively call the homeowner to schedule appointments in advance. This allows the customer and installer to sort out a time that is good for both, so homeowners no longer have to cancel plans to wait in for a plumber.


The MagnaClean Professional3 Sense can be installed anywhere before the boiler. To achieve the best level of protection, it is recommended that the filter is fitted after the last radiator and before the boiler. This also ensures a system flush can be carried out using a MagnaCleanse on the return. In an open vented system the filter should be placed at any point after the water tank. Combi or sealed systems can have it installed anywhere before the boiler.

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