Don't get caught out: New Ventilation Regulations

Published: 19 Jun 2023 ・ Read time: 3 mins
The Ventilation Building Regulations have been an integral part of any building work since 2010. The regulation refers to the adequate means of ventilation and requirements for maintaining suitable indoor air quality.
From June 15th 2023, new regulations came into effect - yet many professionals remain unaware of the changes. City Plumbing stocks a wide range of ventilation products that must adhere to the new regulations - so we’ve compiled everything you need to know into one handy guide so you don't get caught out on your next installation project.

What are Part F Regulations?

Until recently, insulation was the primary focus when it came to improving home efficiency. However, making rooms more airtight is now also crucial when preventing heat loss in both new and existing properties. Yet stale air can cause a number of problems for any home and those living in it, so proper ventilation is key.
The latest regulations state that building improvements, such as extensions, or renovations do not worsen the ventilation. All controlled services, including cookers, boilers, fires, and electrics, must comply with the relevant regulations. Part F also suggests that mechanical ventilation installations should provide guidance on the importance of ventilation. 
Additionally, a commissioning sheet and checklist will also be provided to ensure compliance, detailing the design and commissioned flow rates for both boost and trickle ventilation systems.
Image of an extractor fan on the wall of a kitchen at City Plumbing
Image of a kitchen facing the cooker and extractor fan in a new build at City Plumbing.

What do Part F Regulations mean for Installers?

Starting from the 15th June 2023, the new regulations will require that any new kitchen installation which involves installing a recirculating hood must also include a 60-litre extractor fan
This is essential information for installers - if you are installing an extractor hood, you must either extract 30 litres per second, as per part F, or install a 60-litre fan if the hood doesn't meet the 30-litre requirement. 
Here is a quick breakdown of important steps to ensure your installation project goes smoothly.
  • The installation of any fan in a wet room or kitchen must be checked using the correct tools to ensure that it is working correctly.
  • Registering the results of the tests with the Building Control Body is a legal requirement, when performing building work that will impact the ventilation of a building (see section 3.32 of Part F Dwellings for more information).
  • Both new builds and renovations must adhere to this standard.
  • A commissioning document must also be completed and left with the homeowner at the end of the process.

Meeting regulations with the new iCon 60 range

With the new regulations coming into play, Airflow have introduced the new iCon 60 range to help installers to comply with latest Building Regulations taking effect in June.
Installers will be able to fit the Icon extractor onto the wall or ceiling that also features a shutter design, which makes switching on and off extremely quiet and helps reduce external noise ingress.
City Plumbing is perfectly positioned to get installers prepared for the new Part F regulations, as we stock a wide range of iCon 60 units - with free next-day delivery on selected products for click-and-collect from over 370 branches nationwide to ensure there is no delay with your next installation project.

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