Create Perfect Finishes With Decorative Switches and Sockets

Published: 10 Jan 2024 ・ Read time: 5 mins
Decorative switches and sockets are the perfect solution if you are looking to add a touch of style and luxury to your home décor.
Simply changing out light switch covers or plates can make a considerable decorative difference in the feel and overall aesthetic of your living spaces.
From sleek and modern to classic and stylish designs, and with a host of matt black and chrome sockets and switches, there are plentiful options to suit all styles and tastes.
Today, the experts at City Plumbing look at how decorative switches and sockets can elevate your home's aesthetics to become a standout feature.

How Decorative Lights Switches and Sockets Add Attention to Detail

Decorative light switches and sockets can add attention to detail in several ways.
Firstly, they improve the aesthetic appeal of a room by providing an elegant and stylish finishing touch. Decorative light switches and sockets, such as satin chrome sockets, can complement the decor of our rooms, adding a touch of glamour.
What’s more, decorative light switches and sockets can improve the functionality of a room. With features such as dimmer switches and USB charging ports, these switches and sockets offer added convenience and ease of use alongside blending seamlessly into the wall coverings.
For example, dimmer switches can help you create the perfect ambience in the room, while some sockets equipped with USB charging ports can help you charge your devices without the need for bulky adapters. This offers you increased functionality and convenience.

Light Switches and Sockets That Transform a Space

Dimmer Light Switches

Instead of a standard light switch, you can raise the bar by using a dimmer switch. These light choices are ideal for simply lowering or strengthening the brightness of your room to suit.
Dimmer light switches are a popular choice and are found in many homes across the UK. Not just the perfect way to set the tone and transform your space, dimmer switches let homeowners control the lighting environment while also conserving energy.
Some dimmer switches even have the added functionality of allowing you to connect your smart devices. This offers you more control of the lighting ambience in your home, creating a more relaxed, chilled, upbeat or romantic atmosphere whenever preferred.
Additionally, dimmer switches can help to conserve energy, which not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps you save money on your electricity bills.
Yet, it’s worth noting that not all dimmable switches are compatible with all types of light bulbs. For example, some light bulbs are constructed from specific materials that may not work as well in contrast to standard light switches.
Dimmer Light Switches image
Plug Sockets With USB Ports image

Plug Sockets With USB Ports

Some plug sockets, such as the Nexus Screwless Flatplate socket, are equipped with USB ports. This allows you to easily streamline your device charging while ditching bulky adaptors. Better still, plug sockets with USB ports ensure you don’t have to prioritise what gets plugged in, allowing you to have multiple devices receiving power.
These sockets are an excellent way to free up 3-pin plugs and are ideal for charging phones and other small devices.
And, while you can charge more devices this way over standard plug sockets, USB wall sockets only use a little extra electricity to power.
Additionally, with USB wall sockets, there’s no change in safety between a standard 3-pin wall socket and a USB wall socket, as they still have to conform to the same BS 1363 safety standard. This means that you can install them with confidence knowing you’re not introducing a hazard into your home.

Make Your Switches and Sockets a Standout Feature

For homeowners looking to give living spaces a quick facelift, switches and sockets may seem like a small, insignificant detail. Yet, they can make all the difference to help transform your home with their stylish and functional designs.
If you’re looking to update your switches and sockets, take a look at how you can easily replace your existing light switches.
Alternatively, why not complement your new sockets and switches with a stylish smart bulb, like the 4LITE Wiz smart bulb. This modern bulb choice can enhance the ambience of your living spaces while creating a welcoming, cosy environment. 
You can read more about smart light bulbs in our helpful guide, where we answer some of the most common questions on these types.
If you require any further advice, then get in touch and speak with our experts or visit your local City Plumbing branch. 

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