Save Big with the Best Black Friday Plumbing & Heating Deals

Published: 13 Nov 2023 ・ Read time: 5 mins
Update: Black Friday has now ended, and these offers have concluded - but don't worry, City Plumbing has some excellent trade deals up for grabs all year round.
Check back here in November 2024, where we'll be showcasing some of the exciting new deals on top plumbing & heating products during the next Black Friday sale.

Black Friday is upon us - and it’s not just consumers who are in for a treat this year.
As a dedicated trade professional, it’s natural to always be on the lookout for high-quality plumbing & heating products that stand the test of time – without breaking the bank.
Whether you’re a seasoned plumber with decades of experience under your belt, or just starting out in the field, our Black Friday deals provide a great opportunity for those in the trade to re-equip, recharge, and restock, ready for the busy heating season. 
It’s also the perfect time for those who finished their training or college courses in September to stock up with everything they need to get started in the industry.
To help you out, we’ve picked a few highlights from our Black Friday plumbing deals below. You’ll find the full list of Black Friday offers from every category here.

Best Black Friday Plumbing Deals

Albion Ultrasteel Image
Save 25% on all Albion Ultrasteel Cylinders with City Plumbing this Black Friday
If you’re looking to stock up on quality hot water cylinders ready for the winter, it’s hard to fault the Albion Ultrasteel range. 
Known for their durability and general hardiness (thanks to a Duplex stainless steel construction), Albion Ultrasteel Cylinders come with the added benefit of being extremely economical to run and only require minimal maintenance to keep them working at their best.
View the whole Albion Ultrasteel range here, and save 25% this Black Friday.
Save 25% on selected Softline Deco radiators
Combining style, performance, and efficiency into one ultra-sleek package, Stelrad’s Softline Deco range is an increasingly popular choice for new builds and renovations.
The Softline Deco range is exceedingly adaptable, and can compliment all kinds of home design - from modern minimalism to a more traditional look, and everything in between. They also come in a wide range of sizes, meaning you’ll find the right radiator for any building. 
What’s more, they come complete with a 15 year warranty, providing added peace of mind with every installation, retrofit, or renovation you complete.
View the Stelrad Softline Deco range here, and save 25% throughout Black Friday.
Image of Stelrad Softline Deco Radiators at City Plumbing
Image of Stelrad Softline Concord Radiators at City Plumbing
Save 25% on selected Softline Concord Radiators
Sticking with Stelrad for a moment, the Softline Concord range provides all the benefits of the Softline Deco range, but with a striking vertical design - perfect for a wide range of building and interior design applications. 
As with the Softline Deco range, the Softline Concords feature exceptional efficiency, come with a complete 15 year warranty, and are available in a number of different sizes and outputs.
View the Stelrad Softline Concord range here, and save 25% on selected models.
Save up to £175 on selected Zip Hydroboil Water Heaters
Featuring some of the most technologically advanced water heaters on the market, the Zip Hydroboil Plus range performs extremely well thanks to a thermostatically controlled design and twin chamber technology.
In slightly simpler terms, it’s incredibly energy efficient, and can be programmed to switch off automatically during periods of inactivity - helping customers save on their energy bills. 
The Hydroboil Plus range also features a patented Steam Heat Boost system, which recycles the energy from steam to pre-heat incoming cold water, meaning the water heater doesn’t need to work as hard to achieve instantaneous hot water.
View the Zip Hydroboil range here, and save up to £175 on selected models. 
Image of Zip Hydroboil Plus Water Heaters at City Plumbing
ADEY Filters & Chemical Packs Image
Save up to 25% on selected ADEY Filter & Chemical packs, and up to £15 on selected ADEY Filters
ADEY are well-known for their industry-leading approach to system maintenance, and are the go-to brand when it comes to central heating maintenance for many plumbers and heating engineers.
As such, the ADEY MagnaClean Pro2 pack is a staple in many plumbers’ van stock, due to its compact design and low-profile drain valve for easy maintenance. 
It protects against both system corrosion and limescale deposition, which can cut household heating bills by over 6% per year. 
A must-have for any plumber, Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on heating maintainance packs and save some money in the process.
Take a look at the whole ADEY filter & chemical pack range here, and save up to 25%. Additionally, you can save £15 on selected ADEY filters
Save 30% on the Hydrotap Classic Plus range
The popularity of multifunctional taps has increased in recent years, with more homeowners and business owners looking to incorporate them into their kitchen designs and renovations. 
With that in mind, you’d be hard pressed to find a more feature-filled tap that offers on-demand boiling, chilled, or sparkling water as efficienctly as the Hydrotap Classic Plus range.
The Hydrotap really does it all. It’s energy efficient, filters impurities such as dirt, lead, and microplastics, and is designed with safety in mind thanks to cool-touch technology.
These impressive taps are 30% off this Black Friday, so grab yourself a bargain whilst you can and view the whole Hydrotap Classic Plus range here.
Image of Hydrotap Classic Plus at City Plumbing
Vericon BCM Boiler Monitoring System Image
Save 20% on the Vericon Boiler Monitoring System and get a free 1-year subscription
Every now and then, a product comes along that completely changes the landscape of an industry. In the plumbing world, those products are fairly few and far between - yet the Vericon Boiler Monitoring System has recently stormed the market, and is shaking things up in a big way. 
The Vericon Boiler Control Module can be fitted to almost any kind of boiler, and will let plumbing professionals, landlords, or homeowners accurately predict boiler faults (and can even fix minor faults such as pressure drops by itself).
Plumbers can view appliance performance data and fault codes in real time, allowing them to analyse a fault and order the exact replacement parts ahead of their visit. 
The Vericon Boiler Monitoring system can turn what would ordinarily be a multiple-visit job into one quick and easy call out. 
These are only a select few of the fantastic Black Friday deals up for grabs at City Plumbing. 
Looking for something else? Take a look at our complete range of Black Friday deals here - whether you’re looking for Kitchen and Bathroom products, Heating products, Electrical equipment, tools, renewables, or much more - you’re bound to find all the equipment you need at unbeatable prices.
Be quick, though - Black Friday offers end Monday 27th November.
Fortunately, City Plumbing offers some excellent trade deals all year round, so if you’ve missed out this time you won’t have to wait until next November to grab a great deal. You’ll find our full list of exclusive trade offers here.

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