Beat the Winter Rush for Boilers!

Published: 23 Apr 2024 ・ Read time: 6 mins
It may be getting warmer outside, yet there's never been a better time to think about replacing your boiler! Understandably, with rising temperatures and longer days, the last thing on your mind may be warming your home. Yet, from a homeowner's point of view, this time of the year is perfect for installing a new boiler.
Instead of holding out for the winter and hoping your old inefficient boiler will make it through, by getting ahead of the winter rush, right now is the most practical time for boiler replacement.
At City Plumbing, we're the experts on all things boilers! And, with our spectacular range of boilers for sale, we’ve got you and your home covered. Here, we take a quick look at the advantages of buying a new boiler during the warmer months while showcasing some of our most popular boiler brands.

When To Get A New Boiler?

Though it may sound strange, the best time to replace your boiler is in the warmer months. And, there are several reasons why this makes more sense, including:
  • Best Deals On Boilers
One big reason why the warmer months are some of the better times to replace your boiler is that you can often find the best deals! Certainly at City Plumbing, our offers keep coming thick and fast during the summer months.
From trade deals to mega deals, even outside of the heating season, you’ll find fantastic deals to take advantage of. Such deals can go a long way in helping you save money and stay on budget for your new boiler installation and also get more value for your investment.
  • Increased Engineer Availability
Another benefit of replacing your boiler in the summer is that you’re more likely to find engineers available to install your new boiler. During the colder months, when boilers tend to break down more frequently, engineers are in high demand. So, it can be challenging trying to schedule an appointment for installation to suit.
Yet, in the summer, most people aren't as reliant on their boilers for heating, so engineers have more availability and are more likely able to accommodate your installation needs more readily. This means you won't have to wait as long to get your new boiler up and running.
  • Reduced Reliance on Boiler Over Summer Months
Since we all tend to be less reliant on our boilers during the summer months, this is the perfect time to replace them without experiencing much inconvenience.
You won't have to worry about being without heating during the installation process because the weather is warmer, meaning you can easily go without heating for a short period.
This makes summer the most convenient time to upgrade your boiler when you won't be as dependent on it for increased warmth and comfort.
  • More Home Improvements During Summer
Summer is also a popular time for homeowners to take on home improvement projects, and replacing your boiler can be one of them.
With longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, summer provides the perfect conditions for tackling renovation projects around the home.
So, by replacing your boiler in the summer, you can coincide this upgrade with other home improvement projects you may have planned, therefore working to maximise the efficiency of your renovations.

What New Boiler Should I Get?

City Plumbing is the number one choice for all things boilers. With a vast choice of renowned brands and several types of sought-after boilers, we’ve been helping customers for several decades. So, when it comes to recommending the best new boilers, we have something for every home and indeed budget.
Rated A for both energy and water heating efficiency, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 boasts superb performance. Promoting an improved installation, this boiler also offers homeowners a more attractive design.
With its innovative display panel promoting ease of use, the Worcester Bosch boiler has the power to help you reduce your gas consumption, lower your energy bills, and reduce water waste. A quiet runner, this gas combi boiler features wireless connectivity and is ideal for small to medium homes. 
A compact and ideal cupboard-fit boiler choice, the Vaillant Ecofit is a gas system boiler. This boiler choice is also a most lightweight of designs, making both installation and maintenance much easier. 
An improved efficient model, the Vaillant Ecofit offers flexible heating options through its top and rear flue options. Featuring patent 4-sided cooling, the high-efficiency pump of this boiler uses low energy and therefore helps reduce energy consumption. 
The Glo-Worm Compact makes for an ideal budget LPG Combi Boiler choice that continues to offer an ERP rating of A.  
Compatible with a wide range of Glow-worm flue accessories and domestic controls this boiler is available in a great range of outputs. Boasting an ultra-modern design, the Glow-Worm boiler offers a bright and easy-to-use interface. 
For an easy-to-install boiler, the Grant Vortex is an excellent choice. Requiring no complicated wiring or plumbing this trusted oil combi boiler can be installed quickly and efficiently. An exceptionally quiet runner, the Grant Vortex boiler is finished with a high-quality coat. Best of all, this boiler promotes superb energy savings and comes complete with several warranty options for increased peace of mind. 
Designed to eliminate all unnecessary external pipework and plumbing, the electric boiler from the Electric Heating company is a 100% efficient choice. Fully inclusive, this boiler offers a sleek design meaning it can be discreetly located or wall-mounted. Using a stainless steel heat exchange, a pre-pumped magnet filter enhances the life of this boiler with its added protection. Not requiring any flue this fully controllable electric boiler provides a complete heating and hot water solution.

Replace Your Boiler Easily With City Plumbing 

Offering you some of the best-selling heating products all year round, City Plumbing can help you get ahead of the boiler demand. By selecting and installing a boiler as the weather starts to warm up, you can take advantage of some of the best boiler offers while eliminating the winter rush as the cold weather approaches. 
If you’re looking for further help choosing the best boiler, take a look at our City Plumbing website. 

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