Exploring the Glow-Worm Ultimate

Published: 10th October 2019 Read time: 5 minutes
Glow-worm Ultimate Range

Glow-Worm are one of the most recognisable names in boilers. Now a part of the Vaillant group, Glow-Worm are well known for their excellent and powerful boilers, being installed all over the UK, in both homes and commercial properties alike.

A few years ago, Glow-Worm released their Ultimate range, a new collection of combi and heat only boilers specifically designed for homes with high hot water demands, available exclusively through City Plumbing. Those boilers were designed for high efficiency, achieving an ErP A rating, whilst reducing energy usage for the same amount of heat. This makes the Glow-Worm Ultimate range a superior boiler design, compared to other standard system boilers.

What makes the Glow-Worm Ultimate so successful isn’t just the way they are built, but rather how accessible they are. Not only are they easy to use, they are also easy to install. There is a wide range of Glow-Worm accessories available for the ultimate range, meaning there are various flue options available for installation. Finally, each Glow-Worm Ultimate uses an automotive grade aluminium heat exchanger to produce the maximum efficiency when running. Is it any wonder that these are a popular type of boiler?

The Glow-Worm Ultimate Range

There are four core boilers in the Glow-Worm Ultimate range, which we will be exploring more in this article. These are:

The Glow-Worm Ultimate Range

The Glow-Worm Ultimate3 combi boiler is a superb style of boiler, available at different heat outputs. These include 30kW and the 35kW boilers, depending on what is needed. These combi boilers are incredibly well made, using modern LCD displays and designed to the highest possible specifications to ensure they last as long as possible.

What this means is that the Glow-Worm Ultimate boilers are hard wearing. They are designed to be the ultimate home boiler, perfect for homes that require a large amount of hot water. Both of the Glow-Worm Ultimate3 combi boilers we have are available as a part of a boiler pack, with varying flues and filters. Glow-Worm Ultimate3 Combi Boilers can have several different combinations of builds, and each one is easy to put together.

The big question though: how the two core boiler types compare?

Glowworm Ultimate 3

As can be seen and as would be expected, the heat output is the main difference between the two types of boiler. This is reflected in the price of each boiler. It makes it simple to choose between the two – the 35kW is more powerful and will heat a larger space more efficiently.

Glow-Worm Ultimate Heat Only Boilers

Within the City Plumbing collection we actually have two different heat only boilers available within the Glow-Worm Ultimate range. The first of these is the Ultimate2, a heat only gas boiler with a highly efficient condensing capability. The second is the Ultimate3, another heat only boiler that is similar in many ways to the Ultimate2, but also incredibly different.

Both boilers are gas only boilers, both producing 25kW of heat; however, they do vary in how they heat a home. The Ultimate2 is slightly smaller, more compact, and is controllable via an app. That being said, it is slightly more expensive than the Ultimate3. The Ultimate3, on the other hand, is slightly larger and not controllable via an app; however, it is more economic.

Glow-Worm are one of the most recognisable names in boilers. Now a part of the Vaillant group, Glow-Worm are well known for their excellent and powerful boilers, being installed all over the UK, in both homes and commercial properties alike.

Glowworm Ultimate 2

Whether to purchase the Ultimate2 or an Ultimate3 depends on two core factors – price and app connectivity. If convenient app connectivity is something that is important to you, then purchasing the Ultimate2 is the most suitable option. If price point is more important point, the Ultimate3 is slightly less expensive. Likewise, there are packs available for the Ultimate3, when they aren’t for the Ultimate2.

The Glow-Worm Ultimate Range

There is also the Glow-Worm Ultimate range of boilers to consider. These boilers are designed to be the best affordable boilers on the market. They are hard wearing and easy to maintain. What is more, they come with options. There are various flues and filters available.

When choosing a heat only or combi boiler, it is important to consider the Glow-Worm Ultimate range.

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