5 ways to Protect EV Charger & Cable From Theft

Published: 16 Aug 2023 ・ Read time: 4 mins
Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular within the UK, due to their convenience, performance, zero-emissions powertrain, and increasingly decreasing price tags.With more car owners investing in electric vehicles than ever before, police have seen a record increase in reported thefts of EV chargers & cables
According to a recent report, the number of these thefts has risen by 50% in the past year, costing owners upwards of £700 for a brand new equipment replacement.
To combat this, the energy experts at City Plumbing have put together an essential guide on how to protect your EV home charger from theft, so you can keep your electric car charged and ready to go at all times.

1. Use a Regular Padlock.

To ensure the safety of your home EV chargers, it's essential to take some measures to protect them from potential theft. One practical and cost-effective solution is to use a regular padlock. This simple method can provide you with peace of mind. 
Moreover, some EV chargers have a designated loop that allows you to secure the cable to a compatible vehicle. By using a small padlock in conjunction with this feature, you can add an extra layer of protection to your charging setup. 
Overall, taking these simple precautions can help you keep your EV charger safe and secure.

2. Charge Your Car Out of Sight.

Although it might be difficult if you do not own a garage, charging your electric vehicle hidden from view is another effective way to reduce the possible risk of theft.
Parking in an area with lower visibility (behind walls, hedges, etc.) will make it more difficult for thieves to monitor and gain access to your EV charger, providing an extra layer of protection and making it harder for potential thieves to identify the vehicle, charger and cable.
To improve safety even further, you can park in well lit areas, which can deter thieves as they are more likely to be noticed by passers-by or caught on a security camera.
EV user holding an EV charger about to plug it into their car at city plumbing

3. Invest in Smart Security Cameras.

Installing a smart security camera outside your property is a smart way to safeguard your EV charging point from theft. They come with various features that let you monitor the front of your property and keep an eye on any suspicious activity from any room using your smart device. 
Additionally, most models have motion-sensing flood lighting that illuminates the front of your property to discourage any unwelcome visitors. We have covered the features of smart security devices in a previous article, but most smart security cameras have advanced features such as motion detection capabilities that alert you of any trespassers and keep your EV charger safe.
Furthermore, if a robbery does occur, the footage captured from your smart security camera can provide valuable evidence for the police to identify and prosecute the perpetrator. This evidence can also be used for insurance claims and to increase security measures in the future.
image of a tethered home EV chargers at city plumbing

4. Use Tethered Home EV Chargers.

Regarding EV chargers, there are two types available: tethered and untethered. Using a tethered charger such as the Evec range is more beneficial as they provide an extra security measure as the charging cable is permanently attached to the unit, making them less likely to be stolen. They also make charging your electric car more convenient with minimal effort.
There are however some disadvantages to keep in mind regarding tethered chargers, as you could be limited by the length of cable that comes supplied, and tethered chargers tend to be restricted to either Type 1 or Type 2 charging connections.It’s important to consider the right EV charger for you when installing a new charger.

5. Consider Smart Socketed Chargers.

Several home EV chargers are available, such as the Wallpod Smart Charger, which provides a smart socketed cable with a lock feature that allows homeowners to lock their charging cable into place using a smartphone app.
This feature allows the charger to function as a tethered model while in use, with the option to securely attach the charging cable to the charging unit. This is a great option to prevent cable theft, making it much more difficult. 
There are some added benefits of using a smart charger like:
  • Optimizing sustainable energy usage
  • Save on electricity costs
  • Scheduled charging times
  • Connectivity to power grids & smart meters
By implementing these simple steps, you can ensure that your charging equipment stays right where it belongs - with you.
Simple additions such as a smart security camera can be a valuable deterrent in the fight against EV charger theft - you can view the full range here.
If you require further information regarding EV Chargers, then why not check out our EV Chargers FAQ - were we have answered some of the nations common questions.
If you require more expert advice, then get in touch or contact your local City Plumbing branch. Our dedicated energy-efficiency experts are an installer’s secret weapon for navigating the latest and greatest in renewable technology installation.

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