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Here at City Plumbing Supplies we've got a huge range of stylish radiators to suit all tastes and pockets.

No longer do you have to be limited by the style and size of the radiator that you are going to replace. Nowadays there are loads of radiator options that make great use of space, are highly efficient and generate the correct amount of heat for the room they occupy.

What's more, with leading radiator brands such as Stelrad, Dimplex and QRL you're guaranteed exceptional quality and efficiency. Check out our range online and in branch.

Standard Panel Radiators

If you like to keep things simple then Standard Panel Radiators may be for you. Their large surface area along with slim overall design and convector panels means they are very efficient and output more heat than an equivalent flat panel radiator.

This makes them a very popular choice with many home owners and installers. Not only this but because there are a huge range of sizes available they provide greater flexibility when deciding where to install them.

So, if you're looking for simplistic design, combined with a high heat output then a standard panel radiator may be the ideal product.

Standard Panel
Flat Front Panel
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Flat Front Panel Radiators

If you're looking for a stylish and modern-day looking radiator then flat front panel radiators maybe the perfect choice. When space is a premium they can be used to replace larger column radiators without a reduction in the effectiveness of your heating system. And, because there is a wide range of versions they can be ideal for fitting them into awkward or small spaces.

We carry a large stock of sizes and styles from trusted brands to suit every room and almost every budget. Shop online or instore today.

LST Radiators

LST Radiators (or low surface temperature radiators) are designed to keep the surface of the radiator cool whilst still delivering good heat performance. They're ideal for households with small children as they eliminate the risk of scorching. Our LST radiators are from trusted brands such as Stelrad so you can be sure they will deliver the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

Column Radiators

If you are looking for something with a retro style or simply want to achieve a timeless look in an older period property then column radiators may be a good option. We stock a large range of column radiators with a choice of columns and in both tall vertical and horizontal designs.

Designer Radiators

Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes and can provide a contemporary look to any home. Because we stock a vast array of designs and finishes you'll easily find one that delivers a wow factor.

So, whether you are looking for a statement piece or something subtle you'll find an unbeatable selection here at City Plumbing Supplies.

Towel Radiators

Towel radiators are sometimes referred to as heated towel rails. They are perfect for drying your towels and (of course) keeping your bathroom warm. There are a number of options available however most are designed to dry several towels at once. Like the designer radiators we stock lots of variations in style and finish so you're bound to find the perfect one.