Mira's expert knowledge has shaped some of the most innovative designs and technologies in showering

  • Made in the UK

  • 2 Year Guarantee - Electric Showers

  • 5 Year Guarantee - Mixer & Digital Showers

  • Mira Mode Maxim Digital Shower

    EXCLUSIVE to City Plumbing, Mira Mode Maxim is an immersive showering experience from the luxurious deluge showerhead, featuring Mira CloudCore™ technology.

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  • Digital Showers

    Digital showers take water from your hot and cold water supplies, mixing to your ideal temperature using precise temperature control.

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  • Mixer Showers

    Mixer showers take water from both both your hot and cold water supplies and mix it to create your ideal temperature.

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  • Electric Showers

    Electric showers take water from your cold water supply and warm it by passing it safely over heating elements contained within the unit.

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Our Best Selling Mira Showers

Introducing Mira Showers

Introducing the UK's No.1 showering manufacturer, Mira Showers. With over 90 years of showering innovation, the latest technology, and rigorous product testing you're guaranteed to have the best showering experience possible.