Single Panel Radiators      

Fernox Filters


Choose from Stelrad’s range of single panel radiators with the recognizable curved top grille and end panels, these simple and affordable radiators have one set of convection fins, ideal for heating a small space.

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Double Panel Radiators      

Fernox Inhibitors & Protectors


With a beautifully curved top grille and end panels, these double panel radiators offer a higher heat output due to the addition of two sets of convection fins but without compromising the overall designer look of the radiator.

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Double Panel Plus Radiators      

Fernox System Cleaners


Offering high heat outputs the Stelrad range of double panel radiators has two panels and one set of convection fins, choose from the range of Softline radiators with curved top grilles and end panels, ideal to heat any room in the house.

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Column Radiators      

Fernox Boiler Noise Silencer & Leark Sealers


Choose from the Stelrad Softline Column range, available in a 2, 3 or 4 column horizontal and vertical designs. Perfect designs for both contemporary and traditional interiors, the Softline Column is available in a range of sizes that will see           these beautiful radiators matching virtually any space in the home.

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Designer Radiators      

Commercial Range


With a brilliant blend of form and function, Stelrad’s range of super-stylish radiators give you extensive options to express and complement any design concept. Subtle, striking, classic or contemporary - there are hundreds of models to           choose from, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, to suit any living space.

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Towel Rail Radiators      

Scale Reducers


Create a stylish look with straight and curved towel rails, ideal for any bathroom. If you are seeking a dependable towel rail for your kitchen or bathroom, and need to keep a close eye on costs, look no further than this unique and appealing           product collection.

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Designer Towel Rail Radiators      

Plumbing Essentials


Choose from a range of carefully selected designer towel rails. Offering design excellence, guaranteed performance and bespoke finishing options, Stelrad’s unique Designer Towel Rail Collection is the ultimate choice for any homeowner seeking           an individual, statement radiator for their kitchen or bathroom.

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Low Surface Temperature Radiators      

Renewable Heat Transfer Fluids


Stelrad’s range of Low Surface Temperature radiators is the most comprehensive in the UK, with sizes and models to suit all applications. They all meet NHS Guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished           with antibacterial paint as standard, making them the No.1 choice for safety-critical environments.

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With more than two and a half million radiators delivered last year, Stelrad continues to go from strength to strength offering a unique combination of choice, quality, reliability and availability, with a sector leading 99% delivery within 72 hours       service anywhere in the UK and Ireland from its state of the art National Distribution Centre in South Yorkshire, which houses up to 400,000 radiators at any one time, waiting to be ordered and delivered to City Plumbing branches around the       country.