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Grey water recycling within domestic homes is the process of taking used water from showers, baths and wash hand basins, filtering it and storing the filtered water for re-use in flushing toilets, watering gardens and running washing machines. Grey water recycling systems can be connected in with rainwater harvesting systems to further reduce the use of potable water in situations where it is not needed around the home.


There are many different systems for grey water recycling varying from ones that are located underground like rainwater harvesting and collect water from the whole house, to ones that can be located in a single bathroom and collect water from just that bathroom to feed the toilet.


Rainwater harvesting fits in with the Codes for Sustainable Homes in achieving reductions in use of potable water which cannot realistically be achieved through water efficiency measures alone. It is estimated that up to 50% of domestic water requirements do not need to be of a potable quality.


Where possible install a gravity system which requires a header tank to be installed in the loft area that feeds from both the harvested water and the mains supply - the mains supply will only be used in the event of the rainwater running out. The advantage of this system is that it still works if there is a power cut or pump failure.


If it is not possible to install a gravity system, such as in a property with a habitable roof, then a direct system should be installed. This system requires a mains supply feed back to the harvesting tank that is controlled by a solenoid valve in order to keep the system running when there is no rainwater left in the tank.




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